• pond and waterfall
  • bubbling pot waterfall
  • pondless waterfall with lots of impatiens
  • St. Augustine Pondless waterfall
  • picture from the Jacksonville Home and Patio Show
  • Marsh Landing Pondless waterfall
  • Fire and water feature in Jax Beach
  • Ultimate Backyard pond
  • Our watergarden that was featured on HGTV
  • Sawgrass fire pot with pond
  • Pond and waterfall in Jacksonville
  • Beautiful water lilies in a pond in San Marco
  • Waterfall at Lillian's Coffee Shop
  • Night fire and water feature with lights
  • Pond and waterfall with colorful water lilies
  • Dirt Cheap Waterfall
  • Fire and water feature in Pablo Bay
  • Atlantic Beach Pondless waterfall
  • Fire and water fountain in Bayard
  • Mossy Waterfall
  • Waterfall at Jacksonville Golf and Country Club
  • Waterfall in Jacksonville Golf and Country Club
  • Japanese Water Garden Pond with a red bridge
  • Stacked stone water garden with a statue
  • Waterfall at Carrabba's in Jax Beach
  • Pondless waterfall in Ponte Vedra
  • Jaguar Player's waterfall
  • Waterfall behind white flowers
  • Statue next to a pond
  • Mandarin Animal Hospital waterfall

Berkshire WaterGardens 

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 Turn your backyard into a destination!

 I feel really lucky in life to have found something that I can master..... pond and waterfall construction.

With close 200 water features in the ground in the Jacksonville, Florida area, and several thousand feet of stacked stone that I have done, I feel like I have mastered stone creation. 

If you ever look to master a skill, whatever it may be, they say it takes about 10,000 hours to get you to a level of, “Mastery”.  If you divide the Mastery 10,000 hours  by our 200 water garden installations, you get  50 hours per project.  Some of our projects have taken several days, and some have taken more than a month.  So 50 hours per water garden could be reasonable.  But if you add time involved in the stacking of several thousand feet of stacked stone that I have done to the water features, I get a figure that is well over 10000 hours.

What does that mean?

It means really cool stonework and waterfalls at YOUR house if we come up with a good design and budget!

But on a more serious note, gifted stone artisans explain that as, “the stones talking to them” (serious stuff!).  As you work on a project amid a huge pile of stone, your subconscious takes note of the inventory.  Once you are absorbed in the project, sometimes you get on a roll were every stone fits perfectly as you work, one after the next. 

We are focused on what we have always focused on…… making this current waterfall project,YOUR PROJECT, the best project that we have ever done.   All effort goes into creating Your master piece.

Building beautiful natural looking water features has long gone from a job or a way to make it a living for me, it has become my Life’s work.

Let me ask, have You ever been to the mountains and experienced the energy and peacefulness of a natural waterfall? Well Imagine us bringing that experience to Your yard!

I have spent the past 13 years honing my design skills to be able to provide You with the best possible value for Your investment.

This means we will not be, "learning the water garden trade", in your backyard, we will be, "taking it to a new level".

"I look forward to working with You".   -  Jeff  

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So what’s the best way to know what is possible with us creating you a beautiful natural looking water feature?  Have us come out and personally lend you our vision. 



Join our list of close to 200 pleased clients throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area.  Go to our testimonial page to read comments from some of our existing clients.


ultimate backyard pond

Nothing in the garden is more beautiful than an assortment of colorful water lilies and fish swimming freely in your pond.  When the Koi swim up and take a piece of watermelon from your hand, you will know your lifestyle will never be the same. We specialize in creating low maintenance Aquascape Ecosystem ponds, working with Mother Nature and not against her.

Pond Tour

People enjoying their pond

Sure, you can look at pictures and video to get an idea of the quality of water feature we can create for you, but how about visiting some of our projects in person and see for yourself?

Pondless Waterfalls

waterfall in Ponte Vedra

Waterfalls with without a pond.  What a concept?

  • Energy saving, can be put on a timer
  • Safe, no deep water
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Perfect for smaller spaces and budgets
  • The solution for that “spot” in your yard


bubbling pot waterfall

Are you looking for a lower budget water feature for a little sound and excitement in a smaller space?  A fountainScape would be perfect.  There are all kinds of cool options to make you smaller space, “POP”.


Night fire and water feature with lights

Take a look at a slice of our pond and waterfall pictures to know what you are getting yourself into. These projects are located all over the Jacksonville area, and very well could be in one of your neighbor's backyards. I promise to take the utmost care in creating your family a masterpiece.  FYI, the projects in these pictures range from $2500 to over $10,000. Take a peak!

Rain Water Harvesting

Aquascape RainXchange Image

Did you  know that 1 inch of rainfall on a 2000 square foot house produces 1250 gallons of water?  Why not capture that water to use in the garden?  And why not have your rain water harvesting system disguised as a natural looking pondless waterfall?

Having a pond or pondless waterfall built is one of the most exciting home improvements that you can do.

Never will the whole family be as excited for new paint, or new plumbing, or a new roof, etc. as they will be for a new pond with a waterfall. You will find someone relaxing with a drink by their pondless waterfall, removing the stresses of life, but relaxing with friends by your new storm gutters is probably not going to happen.
That's the beauty of our job.  We positively enhance people's lifestyles. They are perfect for inducing peace and tranquility to your backyard surroundings. Our watergardens are usually a focal point of the outdoor home improvements we are a part of.  But they are best when equipped with patios, lush landscaping, outdoor lighting, pergolas, summer kitchens, etc.  
I always tell people, "function, not feng shui".  You want to be able to enjoy your pond or pondless waterfall.

There are many options when it comes to water features, and backyard improvements as a whole.  Blending the many components together is an art form, and it is our job to create a beautiful water feature that fits into the landscape like it's always been there.

Most will automatically think Koi pond.  But what about a waterfall with no pond (pondless waterfall), or a bubbling pot?

Click for more watergarden, pond, and pondless waterfall design ideas in the Jacksonville, Florida area.


I have gotten my water garden building, “know how”, from training.  I have read about how to build waterfalls and have watched videos.  But my, “priceless “, waterfall education comes from growing up playing in mountain streams, hiking and observing miles and miles of waterfalls and streams each year since I was young. Check out Mother Nature's creations.


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Water garden gripes

OK, so you want a water garden built whether it be a pond or pondless waterfall, and you want to know what negatives or problems might come up.  You will find it here.

Maintenance and Service Options

We can provide you with everything from a new pump, to a complete pond detailing.  We have several dozen clients (the not going to change their own car oil type) that we visit quarterly and checkup and detail their water garden.

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